Web Design For Flooring Companies

An optimized website is crucial for online visibility and attracting new flooring customers. Each of our customers gets a new website that is optimized for local rankings and lead conversion.
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Your website is the first impression that most people get of your flooring business. It needs to be dynamic and mobile-optimzied. It should be a mix of valuable content that tells visitors who you are and what they get from working with you. It should be easy to use with a smooth customer journey. Not only that, but it needs to have new content on a regular basis so the search engines know you are active.
Speaking of search engines, your site must be optimized for both content and the technical back-end stuff, like site speed. Flooring Pros Marketing specializes in websites and digital marketing specifically tailored toward flooring businesses. We will assess your needs and provide a plan that keeps users engaged throughout their visit to your website, eventually driving them to take action and contact you for pricing.
Whether you are a flooring retailer store with a showroom or a flooring contractor looking to grow, your website is a crucial part of growing your business. It is the hub of your online presence and something you own. If set up properly, it can generate an influx of traffic, leads and sales to your business.


Benefits Of Custom Website Design For Flooring Companies:

website design for flooring companies
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Our Unique Website Development Process

Flooring Pros Marketing understands that every website development project is different. We take the time to learn about your specific goals and needs. Our team then creates a website that is designed to achieve those goals and represent your brand.
You have to stand out from other flooring businesses whether you specialize in commercial flooring, residential flooring, or both. We identify your unique value proposition, so you maintain a unique brand identity that outshines the competition. Flooring Pros Marketing then creates a plan based on your goals and brand identity so we can create a site that you will love and that represents your brand. At the end of the process…
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Making You Easy to Find

Increase leads and sales with our flooring website designs

We use proven website design tactics to improve SEO and make it easy for prospects and customers. Mobile-friendly layouts will ensure that your site ranks high on Google searches by providing quick access from any device they happen to be using at the moment!
Standard benefits:


What to Expect from Our Flooring Web Design Process

Step 1

Determine what pages are needed on your site

Step 2

Decide on which one of our pre-built themes you prefer

Step 3

Customize the site to meet your branding needs

Step 4

Add unique content that is relevant to you and your flooring business

Step 5

Review & Approve

Step 6

Launch your new site!

Flooring Website FAQs

Yes! We include a brand new website as part of our Accelerate and Elite programs.
As long as we get everything we need from you in a timely manner, our goal is to launch your new website within the first 90 days.
We will make sure that you have a page dedicated to each of the main flooring products and services you provide, as well as a page for each location and area you serve. This means that besides your homepage, about us, page, showroom page, gallery and contact us pages, we will also create pages for hardwood flooring, refinishing, sanding, installation, carpet, vinyl floors, lvp, laminate, area rugs, residential flooring, commercial flooring and any other type of flooring you provide!
We are! We will take your existing content and optimize it for SEO. For any pages you currently do not have content for, our team of writers will create it and make sure that it represents your brand identity.
Of course! Our website is factored into the price of 1 year of service. If you want to leave before then and keep the website, we will charge you a prorated amount depending on how many months are left in the term and transfer everything over to you.
It sure is! We use a great web hosting company that provides super fast loading times which Google loves!
If you have a website that we feel will convert and perform well in Google, that you want to keep, we would consider keeping your website. But we need to be able to have full control over some changes to achieve the results we set out to reach.
We use WordPress and build our websites out on Elementor website builder.
Yes, if you would like to sell products directly on your website, we can set you up on WooCommerce (WordPress’ e-commerce platform).

Interested in SEO services for your Flooring business?

This involves optimizing your website and local listings for local search results, such as Google My Business, to make it easier for potential customers in your area to find you.