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Digital Marketing Experts for Flooring Companies with Drive for Growth.

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Who We Are

Digital Marketing Partners for The Flooring Industry

Flooring Pros Marketing is comprised of a team of digital marketing and lead generation experts that spans the globe. Each of us has our own skills, talents, and expertise that we bring to the table, making us agile and effective in what we do. Unlike some of the larger companies out there, we do not believe that it is right to work with everyone in the market. Our programs are designed to get results and generate leads for flooring dealers and contractors alike – and we feel that it is unfair to our clients that pay us for these results to offer them to their competitors down the road as well. That is why we offer market exclusivity – so you know you do not have to share any leads with anyone else.

We strive to being your go-to and your partner, not just in marketing, but in your flooring business’ growth. We are committed to bringing our flooring clients successful outcomes, because your success is our success, and we celebrate it with you. We strive to maintain lifelong partnerships and relationships with the business we choose to partner with, and are looking forward to beginning ours together.

Increase Productivity

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Our Mission

Why We Do What We Do

Flooring Pros Marketing helps flooring businesses achieve greatness through online marketing by connecting them with more ideal customers. We enable flooring business owners to build something bigger than themselves, creating a positive ripple effect on themselves, their employees and families, and their customers. 

By ensuring that our clients have a consistent and steady flow of leads, they can focus on delivering quality (flooring) services to their clients, and taking care of their team. 

We enable business owners to build something bigger than themselves, creating a positive ripple effect on themselves, their employees and families, and their customers.

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Our Values

Welcome to Flooring Pros Marketing

Here at Flooring Pros Marketing we focus exclusively on delivering exclusive, quality leads and traffic to residential and commercial flooring businesses. Unlike other companies out there in our market, we solely focus on digital marketing and understanding what works to deliver world class results for our clients. This means that we will not be distracted with creating private label flooring products, estimating software or anything that will take us away from doing what we do best (driving traffic, leads and customers to our clients). Plus, did we mention, we will not work with your competitors? Our goal is to help grow 200 flooring businesses to their dream revenue levels by 2030. We would love it if you were one of them!


Our Leader

Daniel Moscovitch

Daniel was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. At the age of 23, he decided he wanted to see the world, so he picked up and began his travels. He spent the next decade living in both Vancouver, BC & Tel Aviv as well as traveling throughout Asia, Europe & the Middle East.
While in Tel Aviv, Daniel got into SEO & Online Marketing while working for one of Israel’s top digital marketing agencies. Once he found out he could influence Google’s search results and bring significant value to the businesses he worked with, he never looked back.
He has since returned home to Winnipeg to be closer to his family, his beautiful wife and his son Milo. When not on the computer or meeting with clients, you will find Daniel hanging out with friends, playing hockey, or enjoying the outdoors (in summer of course!) – especially hanging out on the dock with a cold beer. In the past few years Daniel has really taken a liking to the flooring industry and the wonderful and generous people who have shared their knowledge and expertise with him.

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Our Team


Nauman is a seasoned digital marketer with a decade of experience, adept at integrating and keeping the business running smoothly. Outside work, he finds joy in quality time with his loved ones, including his wife, family, pet birds, and friends.


I am passionate about organizing and managing projects and events, prioritizing the seamless alignment of business objectives and long-term goals.


As the liaison between our exceptional clients and our remarkable team, my role involves efficiently addressing and streamlining all requirements and concerns to ensure a continuous flow of traffic and leads.


I have been instrumental in supporting the team through WordPress website creation and maintenance, landing page design, and contributions to SEO projects.


I am a professional WordPress developer with several years of experience in creating custom WordPress solutions for clients across various industries. My expertise lies in building responsive and user-friendly websites that meet the needs of businesses and organizations.


With several years of experience, I am a professional WordPress developer specializing in creating custom solutions for businesses and organizations.


I'm a family-oriented, football-loving individual from Buenos Aires who now resides in Salta, Argentina. I currently serve as a Paid Ads Manager and Client Success Manager at Flooring Pros Marketing, ensuring top-quality service for our clients while enjoying soccer in my free time.


My expertise lies in devising and implementing off-page SEO strategies that help websites improve their search engine rankings, drive traffic, and increase brand visibility.


I am a seasoned digital advertising expert with 9+ years of experience in managing campaigns across multiple platforms, helping brands achieve their business goals effectively.


I have a diverse range of interests that keep me motivated and engaged in life. Among my top passions are organization and productivity, business, cricket, and, above all, my family.


I am your trusted Local SEO specialist, dedicated to helping businesses improve their online presence and achieve their marketing goals.


I am a website content and copywriter with over a decade of experience writing for businesses worldwide. I always aim to provide every customer with research-backed content and copy your potential clients can depend on for information


It is my duty and my passion to act as the face of the client to our team, voicing any questions, comments, or concerns to ensure that our clients are heard.


As a creative designer my role on the team is create artistic elements used to promote the client’s brand and attract attention from the community.


As a Google Ads Manager at Flooring Pros Marketing, my focus is on helping our clients achieve their lead volume objectives, treating Google Ads like a strategic game of chess against our competition.


My main objective as a team member is to ensure constant and effective communication between our team and yours making our marketing partnership as fortunous as possible.


As an adaptive storyteller who's ready to learn, I have created a name for myself as a content writer working with small businesses.


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