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Your audit will show how your site contributes or takes away from successful online marketing with the following marketing tactics:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): This is how well your site encourages people to take action, whether downloading something, clicking through to another page, or (and most importantly) contacting you for pricing on a project.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is how well your site tells Mr. Google that your pages should be ranking high for search terms like "flooring contractor in *your location*" or "luxury vinyl floors in *your location*"
  • Content: Does your content guide a user the AIDA sales funnel that consists of Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action? There are many factors at play, and we cover them all.

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Here’s What Just A Couple Of Our Clients Have To Say

"Working with Daniel and Flooring Pros Marketing is fantastic for people with any level of knowledge when it comes to online presence. He breaks things down in a very understandable way, and really listens to your needs. Through very targeted campaigns and tailored solutions you see results quickly. Daniel gives you reports, shows the steps that have been taken so that you can be confident the marketing dollars being spent are as effective as possible. If you are a small or midsize business, you are able to compete with larger companies through smart strategy, constant research and focusing on your best type of opportunities."

Mike Crompton

General Manager @ BC Hardwood

I have worked with other online marketing and web design providers before but none of them have even come close to Flooring Pros. They provide great service, quality work and deliver what they say they will. Thanks guys!

AJ Zeid

Specialty Interiors

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