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Are You Curious About How to Get Ranked on Google Maps?

Flooring and Carpeting contractors often ask us: “What is the best way to get my company ranked on Google map ?” Below, you will find our Google Maps Optimization strategy. This has helped hundreds of flooring contractors get their company to rank at or near top search positions for their specific services. Rank Your Flooring Business On Google Maps with this step by step.

The Secrets Of Ranking On The First Page Of Google Map

Getting found on the first page of the Google Map directly from “Your City + flooring” or “Your City + Carpet Installation” depends on four factors:

  • Having a verified and claimed Google Places listing.
  • Have an optimized Google My Business listing for the area(s) your business operates.
  • Having a consistent N.A.P. (name, address, phone number) across the web to assure Google that you are a legitimate organization located at the address you provide and serving the market you claim to serve.
  • Having reviews from your true clients who actually use your services.

Here Are the Steps You Have to Take:

Access your Google My Business Listing at

  • Enter the Username / Password you used to claim your initial Google Places or Google+ Local Listing
  • If your current provider has handled this for you, you should ask them to do it again. Your business relies heavily on Google for marketing purposes. You need to have access to it for your own protection.

Check if Google has any issues with your listing (e.g., duplicate listing, listing not approved, etc.)

  • Delete duplicate listings if there are any
  • Make sure all the information on your active business page is correct and properly optimized by clicking the "edit" button.
  • Ensure that your company name appears correctly and exactly. For example, Bill's Flooring & Carpet should not be written as Bill's Flooring and Carpet San Francisco.
  • Be sure to use a local area code rather than a toll-free number
  • Verify that the category(s) are selected correctly
  • Set the operation hour correctly.
  • Upload as many high-quality, authentic photos as you can.

Now, It's Time to Connect Your External Resources

  • YouTube Channel
  • Google Analytics
  • Put your efforts into building up your followers (real followers, don't try to game the system)
  • Update Google My Business consistently.
  • Develop references of your company name, address, and phone number across the web by getting listed in online directories (See the top list here)
  • Put in place a system for getting online reviews from your genuine customers.

What You Need To Do To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Additional Links and Training Resources for Google Maps

  • Step-By-Step Guide To Claiming Your Google Places Listing – In this post, you will learn how to manage and optimize your Google Places listing.
  • Advanced Google Places Optimization Techniques –This post discusses advanced techniques and strategies to rank higher in Google Maps. You can find a lot of basic information about claiming your Google Places listing and setting up your NAP (name, address, phone number) profile, but I cover the more advanced steps in this post.
  • Online Review Acquisition Strategy for Contractors and Home Services Businesses – Placement on the Google Map is driven by optimization, N.A.P. profile and reviews. In the post, I discuss a proven review acquisition system for consistently getting online reviews from your customers.
  • Google Places Optimization – Black Belt Technique – In this post, I share a rarely discussed black belt technique for automating review acquisition that has been shown to increase Google Map placement.

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The Formula For Page One Rankings on Google Maps and Local Search


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